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HP Instant Ink helps you Print without Regret #HPSmartMom

Let’s face it. Printer ink has always been known to cost more than we anticipate. Whether you have a printer being used for business, children’s school projects, photos, you name it-running out to buy ink can sometime’s feel like a nightmare!

As a member of the HP Smart Mom Panel, I have had great fun learning what I can do with the HP Envy 7640 All-in-One Color Printer. With the end of the school year, we helped celebrate one of my brother’s graduating high school, we have printed thank you notes for our teachers, and printed plenty of coloring pages to keep the children entertained.

Normally, I would panic knowing how much money I would spend printing photo after photo. Ink goes fast when you are printing high-quality photographs. Each project I took on was something I was very proud of upon seeing the quality of printing. My parents saw several pictures and thought I had printed at a store when I was able to do it all myself.

The HP Instant Ink program has allowed me to save money and not hesitate about printing for projects I love. Whether you print a ton each month or just occasionally, Instant Ink offers a plan perfect for everyone. I have two printers enrolled and have only spent $10.00 to take on over 100 photos, 100 coloring pages, and more!

HP Instant Ink

I will be excited to continue getting creative with the HP Envy 7640 and sharing my creations here on MommyJenna!

To enjoy the same freedom I have with my HP Printer, sign up for Instant Ink and get your 1st Month Free! The process is simple and you will get a welcome kit with ink before you need it refilled!

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