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Mommy Jenna

I hate being right…

When I sit arguing whether or not to write about something, it typically means….Jenna, get your butt on that computer and WRITE.

Before I went in to labor with the twins, I discussed having a tubal. Two boys, two girls, me sucking at being pregnant=just made sense. Well, due to insurance reasons, I wasn’t able to because I didn’t sign the permission consent form in time.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been having a ton of issues and down right feeling like crud. Ran into the ground, sick to my stomach with pain, all of it. After trying everything I could and talking to hubby about cysts, endometrosis, all of it, it clicked that maybe…I was facing another failed pregnancy.

After some random tests, it was finally figured out. Yesterday I had to take a high dose of antibiotics and I have an already scheduled appointment with a specialists this upcoming week. Depending on what is found, it might end up with me taking even more antibiotics (which is not easy…my fibromyalgia makes my stomach weak and it’s a fight to keep the meds. down) I might have to deal with an endometrial biopsy which just doesn’t sound fun.

While it will be something that will likely kick my butt, a tubal is back in the picture.

I haven’t really faced the music of what is going on as well, it’s happening all too fast and I’m in overload trying to keep up while wrestling the twins and making sure I’m getting to school functions for the girls. Unfortunately, I have been down this road before and while I feel like I’m doing okay right now, I would wish it on no one.

Maybe it’s denial but right now I find myself saying (again) you didn’t know until it was too late…

I’m worn out. I’m stressed. But I’m too busy to let myself pout right now. I don’t know when it will all hit me but only time will tell.


  1. You will make it through this. While I don’t know exactly how you feel, I have dealt with similar issues. It is no fun, but you are getting treatment, and that is the best thing you can do.

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