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Life Gets Crazy, especially with Twins

We all have times in our life where simply put, it feels like you never get the chance to sit down. With the end of the school year quickly approaching, our family is on the go 24/7. The twins are both dealing with speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy and more. We have been working to get more services to help the boys which has been quite a struggle in task. Slowly but surely, we are getting somewhere.

Physical therapy discovered some issues with Lucas that explain why he has been complaining about leg pain, and he has had an orthotics appointment that got him set up with SMO braces.

The great news is that they are working! He’s more stable on his feet, not complaining of pain like he was before, and walking straight.

Aubrey has joined soccer for the Spring season and is pumped about it! We have had several games now and she loves being out there. We just need to work on not running the entire field and staying in our zone 😉

Someone is ready to go!!! #soccer #soccergame

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I am working on getting Brian blogging with me! He continues to bring it up but we need to get him writing! There’s lots going on over here that we are excited to share! We’ve updated various technology products in our home, we’ve been getting creative, and so much more.


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