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Patriotic Crafts to Celebrate the Red, White, and Blue #USA

Patriotic Crafts

July is officially here! Our family loves creating new things and with 4th of July, we are excited to play even more! Here are some great Patriotic Crafts to get the kids away from the screens and showing their love for the Red, White, and Blue!

Patriotic Crafts

1. Patriotic USA Map Wooden Door Hanger
2. DIY 4th of July Planter
3. DIY Patriotic Tulle Wreath
4. Patriotic Upcycled Can Flower Pots
5. DIY Patriotic Wreath
6. Fourth of July Wreath
7. Patriotic Flip Flops
8. Patriotic Pillow
9. American Flag Jars
10. Easy Painted Flag Tee
11. Stars and Stripes Tile Coasters
12. Patriotic Cake Stand
13. No Sew 4th of July Flag Bunting Craft


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