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Wordless Wednesday:Styling and Profiling #Twins #WW #Linky

It was the perfect photo opp. Who can say No to a baby in a fedora? Now imagine TWO babies in fedoras?

You now see our predicament.

971242_167522593417729_1898405048_n 946643_167523266750995_736949472_nNow the real question is who can tell me which one is Nathan and which one is Lucas??? (hehehe)


  1. Super cute! And, I love playing the “who’s who” game with my boys too. So, my guess is Lucas is the first picture, Nathan the second. Did I get it? LOL

  2. My sisters are twins and one twin had two sets of twin babies! It’s so hard to tell them apart when their small but fun as they grow a bit and develop different features!

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